I saw a deer today.
Photography by Purp0Starr

How I made my cake from portal for my GLaDOS cosplay! I started with a circular cardboard box, and painted the entire thing with Super Heavy Gesso. Then I textured the gesso by tapping the top of a brush on the wet gesso all over. Once that dried, I painted it with a couple different browns and textured it the same way. The whipped cream is gesso that I put on using a #32 icing tip and an icing bag. I really recommend practicing the little swirls before you put them on your cake! I bought fake cherries from my local craft store and put them on once I liked the way the “whipped cream” looked. The candle is worbla that a rolled and twisted until it looked kind of like a candle and the I painted it with Gesso and white paint! 
The plate is the lid, that I painted yellow and then just stuck on the bottom as it would go on, since it’s a lid. 
I got some scrap fabric and hot glued a handle to the bottom. And that is how to eradicate the falsehood of the cake!

Fun with colored contacts! (And with science)
I might post a white face paint tutorial later?

Now I’m applying makeup with portals!




This is amazing

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